The app isn't seeing the keyboard, what could be wrong?

Try open a sheet music and see if the icon of connection is red or green. If it is red, please try another device to see if there's something wrong with the cable. A new cable would be needed buying from The ONE website if so. See the icon on upper left of the screenshot for reference.


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    Brady Ryan

    The one smart piano does not have a customer service center to help with any issues, such as mine, which happens to be the compatibility with my Samsung Galaxy 8. The only thing I could find on the website was and the troubleshooting section that mentioned if it is not compatible than one must buy a new wire! This was not mentioned on Amazon or any of their other marketing venues, to be quite honest it actually mentions that this is compatible with the Droid. I did send several emails as well as hundreds of others with the same issue, and have not received any responses. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. A company is only as good as the customer service and support team that backs it. Awesome concept, if it worked

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