How much does it cost to download my favorite pop songs?




  • Helluva66

    Are new songs ever added? If so how often, and can there be a section added that identifies the new additions?




    Hi! Yes, of course. We will add new songs every month according to customers' requests. There is the new content list in the app. If there is some songs you would like to play, please let us know and we will add them very soon!

  • Drew DiPasquale

    If there are any specific songs you'd like to learn that aren't included with the app, you can purchase them for up to $4 - 


    Where? I used the search feature and the specific song I wanted was not there. Only one Queen song?! There's not much in the way of any newish pop either.

    Can I get songs elsewhere and have them integrate with the light up?



    Hi! Sorry for the problem you met. If the songs you want is not included in the App, please let us know, and we will add them very soon according to your request. Thank you for your support!

  • gts1591

    The choice of music is very limited and nothing but "classic" music is boring. Unless the company comes up with new tunes for users your company will fail over time. You have to have a supply of music that everyone wants not just classic music for which your company likely does not have to pay for using. But if you want users to buy more music it had better be of interest to the living, the young and all types of users. Get with it One Smart Company!



    Hi! Sure, we will add new contents constantly according to the customers' request. If there is some songs you want us to add in the sheet music, please feel free to contact us by Let us know the songs, albums and singers' name, we will add them very soon!

  • Joseph Torosian

    I just bought one and just shipped. I will be returning it if what you said is true gts1591



    Hi Joseph, if you have any question please feel free to contact us by Thank you for your support!

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