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  • Joan Adolphson

    Sorry but I am doubly confused now. Got this for my son. Ad proclaimed 4,000+ songs....very very exciting! But apparently I'm an idiot and you have to pay for songs. My son and I are very frustrated. Can you imagine? At .99 to 3.99 a song, lets average 1.99 a song...thats $8000. Holy crap. My son say the app hints there are some free ones but he cant find them. So thought I'd come to the website and read up.
    So there is the second frustration. Cannot for the life of me find any help documentation on the site. It all seems to be sales,material. Is there a separate site for documentation, user manuals, q and a etc? I know some companies do this.



    Hi Joan! We apologize for the bad shopping experience you had. There are thousands of free songs for you to play. You can find them in Sheet Music part.
    If you need the user guide, please feel free to contact us by We will add the download link on our website soon.
    Thank you for your advice!

  • Brady Ryan

    I have tried to contact customer support for almost a week now, and I am still yet to receive any response in regards to my Samsung Galaxy 8 and its compatibility with the one smart piano. I have to say this is one terrible customer service company.


    Hi, Brady!  We have sent you a Type-C cable freely to contact your device.

    Thank you for your support!

  • kyle_78620

    I have contacted support for a refund that was send and going on two weeks no contact or refund! I’m pissed! I want my money back!


    Hi, sorry for the inconvenience caused. We have checked the email box and found there was no reply from you since our last email.

    The refund has been completed already. Please note to check.

    Any question please let us know.



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