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What happens if I receive the product damaged or broken?



  • Tom Principato

    My experience has been different. For many weeks (more than a month) i have attempted to get a replacement keyboard. My requests are in your system as resolved issues but i still have no indication that a replacement is on the way.

  • Support

    Hi Tom! Your issue is definitely not resolved. I'm working on getting you a tracking number now, and am extremely sorry for the delay. We've had several shipping and inventory issues that made getting your exchange sent out, but I'm keeping a close eye on your order to make sure yours is exchanged ASAP.

  • Tom Principato

    Matthew - appreciate your help and support. I received the new piano and it is PERFECT! Great investment and delivers on the promises made.

    Thanks and just in time for Christmas! Have a good one !

  • Tim Verge

    Hello Matthew,

    please respond to the emails I have sent you over the past week.

    Your request (1686) has been updated

    Tim and Bev Verge

  • Support
    Hi Tim! We are very sorry for the delay! UPS has not been cooperative in the international exchanges. I will contact UPS now regarding your invoice, though they have not allowed me to pay it in the past. If this is the case, the quickest way to resolve this is for you to pay the invoice and we will reimburse you the fees incurred. Otherwise, I will continue to work with UPS on wrapping this up for you. We understand the frustration of extreme delays and want to make this right for you.
  • Aadamquraishi

    hello support    I recieved a piano where all the keys on the right half do not work .. i have contacted your support and now you have not responded ..   this is a sample of the last email response from you    can you resolve this issue so i can can a functioning new piano or refund my money so i can use the money to by a piano from another company ..ADAM


    Support (The ONE Music Group)

    Jun 7, 23:28 MST


    Sorry for the late reply as our customer support team is on a vacation and will be back on Sunday. Your request will be processed once they come back, pls wait a few days.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
    Have a nice day!

    The ONE Smart Piano Group




    Jun 7, 13:46 MST

    Dear Sir .. I have sent you information regarding the piano i received that does not work ..   i do not have a phone number to contact you and you have not responded to my previous emails  ... please advise how i can return this defective piano to you and you send another piano that works..   Thank you  AADAM

    On Sunday, May 22, 2016 7:34 PM, Support (The ONE Music Group) <> wrote:

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  • eric bracke

    Hi, I received the one hi-lite on the 9 of december. the package was broken as well as the device. I was able to fix it so I thought I would give it a try (I didn't wanted to wait for another month to get a new one, as it was a present for my son). At first it did work, but now that my son is here, and that he plays for a longer period, the device is not working well (sometimes leds are just lightning up while they shouldn't.

    I just read today that we had 7 days only to send it back. I hope you will have the kindness to oversee this.

    Can you let me know if I still can send it back and have a new one for free?

    I took photo's from the packaging and the device when it arrived in case I needed to send it back.

  • Support

    Hi eric bracke,


    Yes, sure. 

    Have you received the replacement? We have sent one to you.

    If you have any question, please contact us at It the best way to get help.


    Any question please let us know.


    Thank you for your support!

    The ONE Music Group



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