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Half-Damper sustain on One Smart Piano



  • Official comment

    Hey Fabio!

    Thanks for writing! As with most 61-key keyboards, a sustain pedal is not included in the purchase of our keyboard. However, there is an input for an accessory pedal in the back, also like most keyboards of this type. Unlike most keyboards, we added a sustain button that should add a little extra texture to your playing. This is not meant to replace a pedal, but to temporarily improve your sound until you've reached a playing level that requires such a pedal. 

  • Fabio Zinno

    Hey Matthew,

    I'm actually talking about the piano, not the keyboard.

    The piano has a sustain pedal, but it's just an on/off switch.

    To play a piano, modulating the pressure of the sustain pedal is essential, especially with classical music. Most digital pianos, even cheaper than The One Smart Piano, have at least 3 levels, on-half-off.



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