How do you connect an iPad 2 with a 30 pin connector?



  • Ryan Hunsucker

    I have the same issue.  They said they would mail me a 30 pin cord.  It has been a month and I haven't received the cord yet.

  • Lana Sax

    I did contact them directly and they said they would also send me the cable.  But I have not heard anything since. I hope it arrives soon.

  • Andrew Clifton

    All hope is not lost....after 6 weeks I finally received my 30 pin connector!

  • Lana Sax

    That is good news.  With any luck it will arrive this week before the fat man.

  • Yojoejoe

    Why does it take them so long to send a 30 pin connector???

  • Lana Sax

    Don't know Yojoejoe, I am still waiting for mine as well.

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